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Great Pretenders: K9 Unit Police Set

Gear up for action with our K9 Unit Police Costume Set – the perfect ensemble to inspire your little one's heroic adventures! This dynamic set includes a K9 Vest, Hat, and a Plush Puppy companion, making your child feel like a brave member of the K9-force.

The K9 Vest adds an authentic touch, emblazoned with K-9 insignias and designed for an adventurous look. The coordinating Hat completes the ensemble, ensuring your child is ready to lead their K9 Unit with style and authority.

But the excitement doesn't end there – the set also features a Plush Puppy companion, the perfect partner for any young K-9 officer. Soft, cuddly, and ready for duty, this plush friend adds an extra level of charm to the costume.

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Great Pretenders: K9 Unit Police Set
  • Size: 3-4